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B4M standing for Building 4 Media , is in partnership with the Primestream Corporation , who also are in partnership with Cisco Systems , Q-logic , Aspera , Atempo and AJA

Here is video demo from the B4M about the FORK Automation Products

B4M's leading products are it's FORK Automation products which include the FORK Production Client and FORK Playout Client, which you can download a brochure for here . Both of these clients work in conjunction with B4M's FORK MAM (Media Asset Management) much like the system used at Ravensbourne university, Washington DC based company CNN , New York based company Thomson Reuters and the Nascar Media Group - Here is a video of the Nascar Media Group Case Study

Being the main playout system used in Ravensbourne, I've learned how to use this software extensively. As a student I found it difficult to use without prior training, after a few weeks of using the software and becoming accustomed to the way it is made and the use of it's functions, I am much more confident in it's use. In a professional setting I believe training of how to use this software effectively and efficiently would be required for new playout engineers who are unfamiliar with the FORK clients.

The playout client can run multiple different servers/channels using different playlists. Although there is that ability present when using the Playout Client, as a university we use the two servers/channels and use the second channel as a redundant channel, which we can use to cut to if the first channel fails.

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